New Projects

I’m planning a new project for 2014 inspired by my running excursions through the South Downs National Park, which is just on my door step. Since spending countless hours in this wonderful space whilst training, I have had the opportunity to really connect and immerse myself in the landscape and it’s changing moods throughout the different seasons.
The music will be a single piece chronicling a run along the full distance of the South Downs Way in a single 24 hour period. It will record not only the sensory (visual, audible) aspects of the journey but also the emotional and physical aspects of it and how the 2 relate to each other and the connections they create. This is not only a challenging piece to write but in order to complete the journey I will have to train and work very hard to allow myself the possibility of living the run. Whether I finish or not will be inconsequential to the music but I do hope to make it.
I feel that music will best be able to describe the wonders, highs and lows of the journey better than any other medium I could possibly use as it is the one from which I derive the most emotional connections to.